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Dr. Dharam Singh Jain: The story of a Bureaucrat turned Astrologer

The story of a Bureaucrat turned Astrologer (written by Dr. Dharam Singh Jain)

Dr. Dharam Singh Jain: Honorary Doctor of Literature in Astrology (University of Colombo)

I am a self-taught astrologer. It so happened that way back in 1968, while I was serving the state government, a relative of mine wanted to consult astrologically about married life of a woman. I took the gentleman to some well-known astrologers of Jaipur. Every one of them predicted that the lady in question has been happily married and that she is enjoying all the riches in her life. This was far from truth. The fact was that she had left her husband 9 years back and children because she feared for her life. She completed her studies and was almost in destitute condition. This created in me a strong desire to learn astrology of my own as there was none accomplished enough who could teach me the secrets of this noble science. Everyone had failed to give correct predictions on the horoscope of the lady in question. I used to devote several hours till past midnight, researched, wrote notes from Astrological books and magazines. I studied various horoscopes to get to the truth in every aspect of life. Research became my passion.

In the meanwhile I came across horoscopes of Kings of England and rulers of Jaipur state in India. My curiosity aroused to research why kings son or daughter becomes king or queen as in England and why in Jaipur state persons became rulers by adoption. No text book magazine had ever indicated astrological reasons for succession or adoption to become rulers. After 6 months of research I found a particular combination of planets due to which own son or daughter succeeded the throne of England and without such combination one had to adopt a successor to the throne of Jaipur. In England King Edward eight had no such combination of planets. He had to abdicate the throne and his brother succeeded and ruled as George sixth. His daughter became queen Elizabeth of England. Based on my research my first forecast was that in absence of such a combination, King of Ethiopia Haile Selassie's son would not succeed the throne. After some time there was a military coupe, the king was thrown out and monarchy was abolished. His son could not succeed the throne.

By the time I retired way back in 1981, I had on record 350+ notable horoscopes including those of Prime Ministers, Governors, Cabinet Ministers, Businessmen, Bureaucrats who rose from ashes, ladies of all types including call girls, murderers, womanizers, persons suffering from various diseases, mental cases etc. Thus I became a self taught astrologer. It became an obsession and day in and day out I was totally involved in Astrology.

My first break though came in 1985 when I was awarded the highest honor of Jyotish Maha Mahopadhyay at All India level in the world congress of Astrologers held in Ahmedabad, India. This was also the first occasion when I delivered by first public lecture on Astrology in a huge glittering crowd of astrologers.

Thereafter, several awards at national level were given to me. In the meanwhile I wrote several articles on astrology which were published in newspapers. I lectured about the noble science in rotary clubs in Delhi and Jaipur.

As an astrologer, recognition at international level came in 1997. I was awarded the highest honor of D. Litt. (Honoris Causa) in Astrology by Open International University of Colombo. It so happened that my first interview was prominently published in Times Of India, a premier English daily. I had sent a copy of the same to the university when they were about to confer me the degree. In the interview I had predicted that the government of India would fall and mid term elections will take place. The university syndicate waited for my prediction to come true. No body had predicted about such an event and it came true. Then I was conferred this highest honor. My predictions have resulted in clientele spread over not only in all parts of India but also abroad and they depend on my advice. This is how I became self taught The Astrologer.

Dr. D.S. Jain
D. Litt. Honoris Causa: Astrology

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